This area includes damage to a person’s or a business’s reputation. This area also includes invasion of a person’s privacy, such as by exposing or disclosing a person’s private or embarrasing information or portraying a person in a false light. This area includes using without permission one’s name or likeness for financial gain.

Representative Matters:

  • Represented former Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame running back in a lawsuit alleging defamatory statements made on a television broadcast implying mental incompetence.
  • Represented motion picture studio against the representative of James Dean’s heirs in lawsuit in federal court regarding the ownership of James Dean’s Right to Publicity.
  • Represented political dissident regarding defamatory statements made on social media accusing the client of being an advocate of the communist Chinese government, engaging in extortion, bribery, rape, fraud, forgery of government documents, and internet bullying.
  • Represented former CEO of a multi-million dollar Charitable Trust in claims for defamation arising out of highly publicized allegations of financial improprieties and mismanagement.
  • Represented former President, Board Member, and Shareholder of a food distribution corporation regarding defamatory statements about sexual orientation and religion.
  • Represented HOA Board Member accused of watching child pornography.
  • Represented real estate broker accused by former wife of engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with a close relative.
  • Represented client regarding an invasion of privacy by the illegal recording of client’s private conversations and subsequent publication of them.
  • Represented client falsely portrayed as a participant in criminal conduct in news articles published on a law enforcement website.
  • Represented national university against private education content provider of an on-line master’s degree program regarding statements to students disparaging the University’s program.
  • Defended national bank in slander of title claims.
  • Obtained dismissal after summary judgment motion of defamation claims against a medical group brought by a physician, former member of the group.