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Business and Commercial Litigation

We handle a wide variety of cases that arise in the context of business and commercial relations between parties.  This includes such matters as contract disputes, sales disputes, collections, and a variety of business torts, statutory and common law claims, remedies, and issues, including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, interference with contract, conversion, collections, commercial lease disputes, misappropriation of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, wrongful solicitation of employees, unfair competition and unfair business practices, anti-trust and restraints of trade, trademark and copyright infringement, trade libel, professional malpractice (such as accountant and appraisers), PACA (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act) claims, securities and investment fraud, RICO, usury, indemnity, injunctions, specific performance, declaratory judgments, damages, accountings and constructive trusts.Additionally, we handle matters concerning corporate governance (including, for example, the removal and appointment of directors and inspections of books and records) and matters concerning the liability of directors and officers.  We can advise concerning and litigate claims regarding internal disputes amongst shareholders, LLC members, and partners, and dissolutions (sometimes referred to as “business divorces”).  We have also handled cases concerning restricted stock, as well as shareholder derivative claims.  Remedies we can obtain or defend against include, in addition to monetary damages, accountings, injunctive relief, orders to appoint directors, and orders to permit the inspection of books and records, as well as constructive trusts.

We have substantial experience with disputes involving banks.  This includes matters concerning forged and counterfeit checks, the negotiation of checks, issues concerning indorsements on checks, banking operations, lender liability, and letters of credit.

We have substantial experience in debtor-creditor law.  We represent parties in disputes over the non-payment of debt, suits on promissory notes, and pre-and post judgment collection, including fraudulent conveyances, enforcement of sister state and foreign country judgments, pre judgment writs of attachments, writs of possession, garnishments, and debtor exams. We represent creditors and debtors.

We have substantial experience with defamation, trade Libel, and invasions of privacy, including the misappropriation of one’s name and likeness for publicity in marketing and advertising (the Right of Publicity).

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